About Black Lotus Records

This is the homepage of Greece’s most extreme label, Black Lotus Records. Visit our CD store to find all our releases or take a glimpse at our band section to find information about your favourite artists! Just follow the links above! Black Lotus records is proud to represent these bands.
The company has become one of Europe’s most exiting independent labels. Our strength is our courage to go all the way. We find bands in places, where no other label has gone before. We are always soldiering on, striving to maintain a high, professional level. There have been a lot of titles released since early 1998. We are keeping the quality in the same high standards. We take pride in the fact that we are the only professional metal label in Greece and we keep on expanding every single day.
The BLACK LOTUS vision: strength through diversity, releasing music from the Heavy/Power Metal. Gothic, Hardcore, Black, Thrash and the Death metal genres. All this presented with a burning ambition to release the best Heavy Metal works this world can offer!


Heavy Metal music in Europe: Big as life and twice as loud!

Heavy Metal music in Europe is as big as it ever was. There are a large numbers of metal band. There are also music festivals as well as millions of fans continent wide. This means Europe is a cradle of modern heavy metal. Some of the diverse regions of the old continent are considered world class metal hot spots. Scandinavia is the absolute metal capital of Europe.

Europe is the ground zero of emerging metal bands. The powerful music genre has spouted from working-class young people in economically ravaged places. It is now most popular in Finland, Sweden and Norway. The darkness of long and cold winter nights in northern Europe boosted heavy metal. This is blood and religion for an army of heavy metal fans. It is a place of diverse and progressive metal bands like Opeth. Sharp and precise song writing combined with a disregard of genre limitations made this Swedish band one of the most critically acclaimed metal bands out there. These progressive metal veterans continue to push their music further into uncharted territories.

Finland has an impressive 630 metal bands per million people. This is according to Encyclopaedia Mettalum. Sweden is next with 428 and then Finland with 299. A Finnish metal band Lordi even won the Eurovision in 2006. The continent’s most popular pop song contest. That event raised eyebrows in the pop community all over Europe. It also proved the increasing popularity of metal all over the old continent.

The island is not far from the rest of Europe regarding the metal popularity. UK has a long lasting tradition of heavy metal music. It is the birthplace of iconic bands like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest. Britain is still one of the metal hot spots of Europe. The fact there are about 68 metal bands per million people on the island tells us just how big the metal scene still is. Trying a black London escort would be a good way to introduce yourself to the British scene. As far as European fans are concerned, they’re still in a place ”where eagles dare”, as Bruce Dickinson would put it.

Germany’s love for heavy metal is legendary. Strong industrial machinery and a strict, focused mentality of the people may start to explain why is metal one of the biggest cultural exports of Germany. Metal music can be seen and heard everywhere in German towns and cities. Strong rhythms are echoing all the way from underground clubs, apartment windows and headphones of people riding the tube. That’s why Germany is a proud home to almost 10 000 active metal bands like Kreator, Helloween and Sodom. What Rammstein meant was: ”We aren’t all living in America’’.

Now let’s take a look on the south of Europe. A Mediterranean cradle of sunshine – Greece has impressive 162 metal bands per million people. Rich epic history and famous mythological battles of gods and mortals are a common inspiration for hard core lyrics that drive the local metal scene.

Music festivals are major strongholds of Heavy Metal music in Europe. Metal loving crowds gather in vast numbers at great fests all over the old continent. All the way from ”Getaway Rock” in Sweden to English ”Download” and famous ”Rock am Ring and Rock im Park” in Germany which gathers over 150 000 people each year.